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12 September 2015 @ 08:19 pm
Let me know how I'm doing~

Anon is off, Comment screening is on.

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So, Dru has this sort of meta ability in which she sees the future, sees the past, magically KNOWS things, and then babbles all cryptically about it and no one understands but her and the person it pertains to. 8| So, in the interest of making her NOT meta, and also making it easier for me to be omni-Dru (because sadly I do not know everyone's canon), this is a permissions post!

A detailed list of her abilities can be found in her app here, but for the sake of you not having to read everything ever, here's the paraphrased version: she can sense emotions (telepathy/empathy), sense the history or places and people, has visions of the (YOUR!) future (especially tragic ones), and hypnotizes people.

FYI: DRU WILL NOT BE SHARING ANY OF THIS KNOWLEDGE. She'll hint at it in her psychobabble crazy style but unless someone manages to understand her or it become pertinent enough for her to want to be coherent about it (not likely considering she gives no fucks about anyone but her vampy family), no one else will be told.

So if you guys could all fill this out for me, that would just be lovely as all get out. Thanks so much!